iTero Digital Scanner

Our office now uses a digital scanner to replace taking impressions for all Invisalign, appliances and retainers. In some cases we are using this technology to scan for crowns and Implant restorations. The scanner can also be used as an educational tool to show patients their bite, alignment issues and give a 3D simulation of their corrected smile.

Appointment Reminders

Our office utilizes state-of-the-art technology to help you remember your appointment date and time. Our system is totally automated and even allows you to confirm your appointment electronically.

Read some of the benefits you will notice.

Digital Technology

Digital X-rays offer several advantages over traditional X-rays, allowing us to make a more thorough and more accurate analysis of your dental health.

Digital X-rays use the same kind of X-ray technology as in traditional imaging, but the X-rays are converted to digital pictures that are sent immediately to a computer. The pictures can be viewed right away and are stored on the computer. Digital X-rays allow us to keep better track of changes in your teeth that might go unnoticed with regular X-ray technology. These records are fast and efficient and reduces a patient’s radiation exposure by 70%.

Intraoral Camera

The camera is an invaluable tool in the dental office. It helps with Doctor-Patient communication and helps to educate patients about what we see going on in their mouth. A picture of your tooth or teeth can help to visualize fractures, cracks, leaking margins, and recurrent decay. You will be able to see what the doctor or hygienist sees and have a better understanding of your oral health. The images that are captured may be used to supply insurance companies with necessary documentation or to communicate to another dental specialist.